Healthy & Happening Summer Hair 101

The sunny days that lie ahead come at a price. When summer hits, your hair is put through the wringer! Chlorine, sunlight and constantly pulling it back can weaken your strands. Help your hair thrive this summer by learning safe ways to style it and minimize the season’s impact.

Keep reading for your complete guide on summer styles and hair care tips.

Styles that won’t damage your hair

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun new hairstyles. Unfortunately, your locks will suffer from breakage if you slick them back too tightly. Try these super-easy and cute hairstyles that keep strands healthy and strong.

  • Heatless curls: Styling tools that use heat make your hair brittle, frizzy and damaged. Heatless curls are gentle on the hair and help you use a curling iron less frequently. As you get ready for bed, wash your hair or dampen it with a spray bottle. Split the hair into two sections, then wrap it around a scarf or pair of socks. Create two space buns and secure with scrunchies. Let down your hair the next morning for smooth, polished curls!
  • Low bun or ponytail: A tight ponytail on top of your head spells bad news for your hair. This style creates tension along the hairline where strands are their weakest. Over time, tight hairstyles cause thinning and even bald spots. Keep your hair thick and full by pulling it into a loose bun or ponytail at the nape of your neck. Low styles are easy on the hair and prevent breakage. Plus, messy hairstyles are very in right now!
  • Half up, half down: A half-up style is the perfect solution for windy summer days. You get to wear your hair down without it blowing in your face! It also lets the hair flow free, which is best for preserving those shiny locks. To create the look, pull back the top section of your hair. Secure it in a ponytail, messy bun or braid. You can also twist the hair and pin it in place.
  • Braided pigtails: Putting your hair in low braids is a great way to protect the strands from damage. Braided pigtails alleviate stress on the hair, and they work well with a sun hat. Split the hair into two even sections, then weave your locks into loose braids. Secure with fabric hair ties to avoid snags and denting.


Tips for healthy hair in the summer

Summer brings days filled with basking in the sunshine. This also means your hair gets exposed to more heat, chlorine and UV rays. Protect your locks with these summer hair care tips.

  • Wash your hair after swimming: Pool water contains chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals that dry out your strands. Even if you swim in a natural body of water, washing your hair is a good idea to rinse away salt and brine. Massage shampoo into your scalp, then follow up with a deep conditioner. This will rehydrate your locks after they spent hours soaking in the chlorine.
  • Don’t pull back wet hair: After taking a shower, many people are tempted to pull their damp hair into a bun, braid or ponytail. Avoid styling wet hair at all cost, since water weakens it and causes breakage! Hair also expands when it’s damp, so if you slick it back too tightly, individual strands can snap after they finish drying. The best method is to pat your hair with a towel and let it air dry. If you have to use a hair dryer, put it on the lowest heat setting.
  • Secure hair with scrunchies: Elastics cause breakage by denting your locks and snagging strands around the hair tie. They’re also harder to take out, which forces you to painfully tug on the hair and lose more strands. Secure your ponytail with something that easily glides like scrunchies or fabric hair ties. These accessories won’t turn into a tangled mess, they’re much easier to remove and they’re cuter!
  • Buy sunscreen for your hair: Our skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection from the sun. UV rays dry out your strands, which makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Before heading outside, apply a leave-in conditioner that contains zinc oxide. This ingredient is found in sunscreen because it reflects UV rays and prevents sun damage.

All that fun in the sun comes with hair care woes. Gear up for a great season by stocking your bathroom with summer hair essentials. They’ll help you rock stylish ‘dos that look cute while keeping your hair lush and strong. Hit the beach and show off that healthy hair!

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