Female Libido - Natural Wellbeing
Female Libido
Female Libido
Female Libido
Female Libido
Female Libido - Natural Wellbeing
Female Libido
Female Libido
Female Libido
Female Libido

Female Libido

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Natural Libido Support for Passionate Play*

  • Helps strengthen desire and sexual energy*
  • Supports healthy sexual response including arousal and lubrication*
  • May heighten and intensify pleasurable sensations* 
  • Allow 2-3 weeks of regular, daily use for best results
  • Alcohol-free glycerite
  • 4 oz (118 mL) bottle lasts up to 60 days
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Female Libido's unique blend of traditional aphrodisiac herbs have a longstanding reputation for enhancing sexual desire and pleasure.*

A woman's libido is ever-changing; our hormones are in a dynamic dance, and desire and arousal naturally fluctuate from one day to another. Life events such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as natural transitions including perimenopause and menopause, also affect our sexual energy and desire for intimacy.

Other factors in your life including stress, overwork, self-image and relationship dynamics, underlying health issues and even some medications, can also have a profound effect upon your libido.

Along with wholesome food, regular exercise, stress management, refreshing sleep - and making time for passionate play! - Female Libido supports your sexual vitality at any age!*

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Suggested Use

Take 30 drops two to three times daily in a small amount of water or juice. Allow 2-3 weeks of regular, daily use for best results.


  • If you are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, have any health condition or are taking any medications, consult your doctor before use.
  • If any adverse symptoms are experienced after using, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

Gluten-free. Alcohol-free. Vegan. GMO-free. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.

To Our Planet

At Natural Wellbeing, we believe it’s vital to take responsibility in creating a positive environmental impact. It matters as much to us as it does to you.

We are committed to creating effective and environmentally responsible products. Our liquid products are bottled in amber glass to preserve the integrity and potency of ingredients, ensuring there is no cross-reaction or degradation of plastic packaging into the product. 

Our efforts are ongoing as part of our commitment to our planet.

Giving Back

We proudly support Women for Women International which helps marginalized women in countries affected by conflict and war. Since 1993, this organization has served over 500,000 women by equipping them with life, business, and vocational skills. With these tools, women are able to earn income, improve their health and wellbeing, and learn about their legal rights to create a sustainable difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them.


Passionate Play

Our body's natural processes and hormonal shifts can disconnect us from our desire for sexual intimacy. As our lives and bodies change, how we engage with our sexuality and our partner can also change. There are many ways that you can rediscover your flame - date nights are one fun way to keep the fires  of passion kindled!


Stay in Touch With Your Self


Nurture Your Intimacy


Our Clinical Herbalists

As women ourselves, we understand that a woman's sexual desire naturally ebbs and flows and can be affected for many reasons. Female Libido supports your healthy sexual vitality, helping you enjoy intimacy and pleasure at every stage of life.


How long will it take to work?

Because every woman is unique, there will be natural variation in the length of time before results are noticed. Some women feel Female Libido working almost immediately, while others may need longer to see benefit. We recommend allowing at least 3 weeks of continuous (daily) use for best results.

Can I use Female Libido with HRT or birth control?

It is recognized that some herbs may interact with certain hormone receptors in our body (this can be desirable, depending on the circumstance).* We recommend to consult with your doctor before using any natural supplements, including Female Libido, when taking birth control or other hormone therapies.

Can I use this while trying to conceive?

Some herbs may have a stimulating effect upon the smooth muscle in the uterus.* If you are trying to conceive (congratulations!), we suggest to ask your doctor first, before using Female Libido. 

How does Female Libido work?

Female Libido is a blend of traditional aphrodisiac herbs and nutrients that naturally vitalize your sexual energy.* They help promote a healthy sexual response including enhanced arousal and pleasure.*

What is the suggested dosage?

Take 30 drops two to three times daily in a small amount of water or juice. Allow at least 3 weeks of continuous (daily) use for optimal results.

How long will a bottle last?

Each 4 oz (118 ml) bottle of Female Libido will last approximately 2 months when taken twice daily at the suggested dosage, or approximately 40 days when used three times daily.


Maca Root

Renowned for its adaptogenic benefits in strengthening the body's resilience to stress, maca's hormonal-balancing action also helps enhance libido and sexual vitality (in men, too!).* It has also traditionally been used to support a positive sense of wellbeing.*

Epimedium Leaf - Goat Weed

Traditionally used for its aphrodisiac effects, epimedium can help restore sexual desire and improve arousal by increasing sensitivity of sensory nerves in the genital region.* It may also support natural male hormone production, important in all genders for maintaining a healthy sex drive.*

Tribulus Seed

Used in both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for its reputed aphrodisiac properties, tribulus can enhance male hormone production (which plays a role in sex drive in women, too) and thus improve sex drive in both men and women.* It has also been shown to improve functioning of erectile tissue in the sexual organs.*

Velvet Bean Seed - Mucuna

Mucuna has been shown to increase levels of certain male hormones that help maintain healthy sex drive in women, too.* It also enhances production of the neurotransmitter known as the "pleasure molecule," which helps evoke a pleasurable sensation in our body.* Mucuna may also help to balance excess prolactin which can affect (decrease) the libido.*


With a longstanding reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac, damiana is reputed to enhance sexual desire and arousal, potentially extending the sexual experience.* It is highly regarded in Brazilian herbal medicine as a natural libido booster and sexual stimulant.*

Fresh Cotton Root

This herb may be considered a natural synergist for production of our “cuddle hormone," an important hormone that increases feelings of trust and intimacy, which may enhance bonding and encourage a more enjoyable sexual experience.*


L-arginine is an amino acid necessary for the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator which helps the blood vessels to relax and improves blood flow through the tissues including the genitals.* This may enhance sensitivity of erectile tissue and promote an enhanced sexual response.*

Pine Bark Extract

This extract provides powerful antioxidant protection against free-radicals and, along with arginine, supports nitric oxide production.* Pine bark encourages blood flow which may increase sensitivity of the genitals and support the body natural’s sexual response.*

Muira Puama Root

Also called 'Potency Wood,' this herb has a longstanding reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac in traditional Brazilian medicine.* Muira Puama is reported to enhance sexual desire and arousal and may aid in extending the sexual experience.*

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