Young, attractive, and no hair loss

For Bobby, hair loss has been a long-term curse. She started losing her hair when she was only 14, and with time, her hair loss got worse and worse. Bobbi who lives in Kentucky tried everything to stop it, but nothing worked. “I tried thickening shampoos and all kinds of products that were supposed to help regrow hair, and none of them worked for me,” she admits.

Until that day of March 2014 when Bobby came across Hair Essentials. Every day she took three pills and after six weeks she saw a marked improvement in her hair loss. “My hair was coming in the thin areas. Everyone began commenting on it,’ she says.

It has now been a year since Bobbi has been using the product, and she is still seeing new hair coming in. Hair Essentials also helped improve the hair texture which was very dry because of multiple colour treatments. “ It is much thicker and in great condition,” Bobbi says.

Bobbi’s only regret is to have found Hair Essentials when she was 67, over fifty years after she began losing hair as a growing teenager. But it is never too late and today Bobbi is enjoying life to the fullest.

“I look and feel young and attractive again,” Bobbi says. “ I would never be without this product.”

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