What Should You Avoid When Shopping For Cosmetic Products?

The last 10 years has seen the market value of natural cosmetic products rise by 114% due to a growing acceptance of non-synthetic alternatives. Although the natural products might be a little bit more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, they present consumers with a reduced risk of negative health conditions. Unfortunately, some of the synthetic cosmetic product companies use deceptive marketing strategies to win over the hearts of the health-conscious consumer, similar to the misleading practices adopted by some food companies. Some of these include labeling products as ‘natural,’ ‘fragrance-free’ and even ‘for sensitive skin’ to entice customers to buy the products, even though these claims might not be approved by the various regulatory bodies.

Since most consumers are not well informed on the benefits and effects of the ingredients used in skin care products, such companies use this information gap to increase their sales. But, the best way to gauge the health effects of a skin care product is by evaluating its ingredient list. Here are three resourceful tips to help you choose the right product:

Watch Out For Petroleum-Derived Ingredients

A good number of skin care product manufacturers have been known to use petroleum products, derived from crude oil, in making their products, despite knowing the adverse side effects, such as skin reactions and hormone disruption that these ingredients banned by the FDA will present to their consumers. Some of these products are also carcinogenic, posing a threat to one out of every five adults who use the products. Perhaps the scariest of the contaminants is known as 1,4 dioxane, which is a carcinogen impurity found in 22% of all petroleum-based cosmetics. In order to protect yourself from using such products, pay attention to the ingredient lists of any skin care products you buy and do your own research to ascertain that they don’t have any harmful petroleum-based ingredients.

Pay Attention to the Preservatives Used

In order to extend the shelf life of their products, manufacturers need to use preservatives. While the preservatives range from natural ones to synthetic options, a couple of the synthetic ones can expose you to a variety of skin and health dangers. Some of these include parabens- which can lead to tumors and breast cancer development; benzyl alcohol which has been known to spark allergic reactions; and Phenoxyethanol which can depress the nervous system. While you might think that the effects of these preservatives might be minimal, prolonged use will most likely cause skin problems. Considering the ever-increasing cases of personal care solution scams, it’s wise to always counter check any claims made about skin care products and solutions.

Avoid Unnecessary Fragrances

While scents are an unavoidable part of skin care products, some of them can mean more harm than good for your skin, especially if they are synthetic fragrances. Some are made from unapproved petroleum products which can be quite harmful. In fact, over 60% of them are known to possess volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In worst case scenarios, some fragrances can end up affecting the brain and the functions of other organs such as the kidney. To be safe, avoid products that contain phthalates or aldehydes.

Unhealthy skin care products are not worthy of your money. Safe products will not only make you look great, but also offer you added skin health benefits. Use the above tips to protect your skin from harmful cosmetics.

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