The right combination to fight hair loss

Diane has been conscientiously taking three capsules of Hair Essentials every morning with breakfast since January 2014 to cure hair loss. In just one month she started noticing the difference.

“Tiny hairs started springing up around my forehead and I noticed the thin areas at the top of my head starting to fill in,” this 62-year old says.

Diane, who lives in Naples, Florida, also started using a natural paraben and sulfate-free shampoo to restore her hair’s health While she was told she should also stop colouring her hair and using a flat iron, but Diane could not quite give up on these beauty essentials that have been part of her life for a very long time. She colours her hair every six weeks and uses a keratin therapy flat iron spray. Combined with the Hair Essentials treatment, these simple changes made a big difference.

“This combination has worked wonders for me and I will not stop using the Hair Essential supplements ever,” she says.

Even her colourist noticed the changes.

My hair is growing back and appears much healthier and softer.

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