Radio Interview Reveals Secrets To The Magic Of Hair Essentials

The amount of reasons people lose their hair is far from limited: stress, thyroid problems, weight loss, disease. Each person has his or her own reason, which is why hair loss treatments that work for one person might do absolutely nothing for another. You can just imagine how many people have been waiting for a hair loss treatment that was made for them; a treatment that doesn’t just solve one type of hair loss.

If you are one of these people, your prayers have been answered; not by a drug maker but Mother Nature herself.

Developed in 2004, Hair Essentials is a 100% natural hair regrowth supplement formulated by a doctor and sold by Natural Wellbeing, a renowned source of holistic remedies for countless health problems and conditions. Hair Essentials reduces hair loss and creates thicker, fuller hair for men and women of all hair types. After achieving widespread acclaim via online sales, the supplement hit Canadian retail stores about three years ago and US retail stores last fall.

Paulina Nelega, a registered clinical herbalist and adviser to Natural Wellbeing, spoke to radio host Joshua Lane last month about what makes Hair Essentials such an incomparably effective and universal treatment.

“The beauty of Hair Essentials is that it doesn’t do just one thing for your hair health,” Nelega explained. “It has a multi-faceted approach.”

Hair Essentials' ability to neutralize so many causes of hair loss is attributed to over 20 natural ingredients working together to reduce hair loss and shedding, and promote healthy hair growth. These ingredients include selenium, zinc, black pepper, borage, and Fo-ti, a longevity herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

“Every single [ingredient] has been thoroughly researched and is only included if it going to have a direct impact on hair health,” added Nelega.

Chief among the ingredients is an extract from the saw palmetto fruit, which directly combats the origin of most hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is what research has revealed to be “the number one reason” for hair loss in men and women, Nelega said. Naturally produced from testosterone, DHT causes hair follicles to shrink, decreasing their blood supply of nutrients and oxygen. This leads to a thinner, weaker hair shaft which eventually falls out and may not be replaced.

Saw palmetto inhibits the enzyme alpha-5 reductase, which is essential for the production of DHT. Hair Essentials limits DHT production, making hair follicles less sensitive and thereby reducing hair loss and promoting the regrowth of thicker hair.

“That’s an important aspect of how Hair Essentials works,” Nelega told Lane, “but it’s not the only one.”

Towards the end of the interview, Lane asked Nelega the question that was likely on every listener’s mind: How quickly does Hair Essentials work?

In just four to six weeks, “and often times even sooner than that,” she said, “you will see a reduction in hair loss.”

Proof of Hair Essentials’ effectiveness lies in the supplement’s 3,500+ glowing online reviews. “I could see the improvement after 3 weeks of treatment,” one user wrote March 9, three days after another said that “in less than 2 weeks time, the shedding had slowed down to almost non-existent and by the end of 2 weeks, it had stopped almost completely.”

Many of these users wrote that they previously “tried everything” with no result and were experiencing hair loss for a multitude of reasons, such as an underactive thyroid, alopecia, or simply the approach of middle age.

“I’ve never written a review in my life,” one user wrote last November, before describing how his or her hair had started falling out and becoming brittle with age. “I'm a month in using these vitamins and Wow!! My hair is soft again, not brittle and growing back like crazy! So happy!!! Thank you, Hair Essentials!!”

Nelega advises users to take Hair Essentials every day for at least three months, which is when new hair usually begins to appear. To purchase Hair Essentials, visit your local natural health food retailer or go to the supplement’s official website.

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