New Book Reveals Secrets Behind Donald Trump’s Hair

Author Michael Wolff’s new book on Donald Trump has evoked mass outrage from the president thanks to the many “secrets” it contains regarding his White House tenure thus far.

Arguably the biggest bombshell, however, is the explanation of how Trump’s signature hair came to be. It seems that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, finds her father’s hairdo so hilarious that she has no shame revealing its origins to people outside of her immediate circle.

Someone’s Had Work Done…

The book claims that Trump is completely bald on his scalp and has undergone scalp-reduction surgery, a plastic surgery procedure that reportedly costs thousands of dollars.

It requires a portion of the bald scalp to be snipped off before side flaps of the scalp that still have hair are stretched over the bald part. The flaps are then sewn into place in a way that moves the remaining hair around the head.

Elie Levine, a New York plastic surgeon who specializes in hair loss-related procedures, told the Washington Post that scalp-reduction surgery is highly invasive and typically requires general anesthesia. He described it as merely pushing a bald spot to the back of the head and covering it with hair from the sides, resulting in scattered scabs as well as unnatural hair growth patterns. Sometimes it doesn’t even work at all. The after-effects and invasiveness of the procedure are so extreme that it lost relevance several decades ago, Levine added.

But Where Did He Get That Color?

As for the unique shade of Trump’s hair, Wolff cites Ivanka’s admittance that it comes from a popular product you can find at CVS for less than $10.

From the book:

“The color, she would point out to comical effect, was from a product called Just for Men — the longer it was left on, the darker it got. Impatience resulted in Trump’s orange-blond hair color.”

In other words, the president apparently lacks the patience to leave Just For Men in for as long as he’s supposed to before washing it away and is therefore not reaping the full benefits of the product.

According to the Guardian, Trump’s doctor has also said that Trump takes finasteride, a drug that treats enlarged prostate, scalp hair loss in men, and excessive hair growth in women. Commonly known as Propecia, finasteride has been linked with numerous debilitating side-effects including impotence, ejaculatory disorder, chest tightness and difficulty breathing.

The Biggest Mystery Of All

It’s unclear why Trump would choose Just For Men and Propecia when he is able to afford virtually any treatment on the market.

But, as noted by Washington D.C. salon owner Mercedes Ortiz-Oliveri, it’s very hard for some people to stray from a long-time habit if they think it is working for them.

“People can get married to an idea that is no longer a reality for them,” she said.

Fellow salon owner Justin Wheeler agrees since he has customers who refuse to change their hair style or products as they age, despite unanimous advice from hair professionals.

“I’m pretty sure [Trump] looks in the mirror and thinks it looks amazing,” he told the Post.

A more forward-thinking leader would likely prefer something like Hair Essentials but then again, all that talk about health benefits and incomparable effectiveness might just be fake news.

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