Honey, I’m Too Tired: How Energy Levels Affect Sex

If you’re like most couples, your relationship started off hot and heavy. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, you or your partner’s libido might have begun to decline. It’s easy to point fingers at one another and assign blame. But before it gets to that point, consider the myriad of physical and mental factors that contribute to a low sex drive. For many, they’re simply too tired.

The daily grind can drain your energy and motivation for sex. Thankfully, a few simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help put your low libido—and relationship—back on the right path.

Why low energy causes low libido

Hustle culture dominates the daily life of countless adults. Many people feel the pressure to overload their plate, whether that’s by working overtime, volunteering for their child’s PTO or attending social events. A jam-packed schedule leaves little time for sleep, which has negative consequences for your libido.

It’s not uncommon for people to sacrifice their sleep in order to give more of themselves to work, family and friends. By the end of the day, all you want to do is crash. Sex might sound good when you’re hyped up from that midday coffee break, but as soon as your head hits the pillow, you fall asleep within seconds! When your energy tank is running on empty, sex gets put on the back burner. Your body prioritizes what it needs the most, so it’s no wonder tiredness lowers sex drive.

Physical exertion and lack of sleep aren’t the only factors that lead to tiredness. Even if you’re consistently getting the recommended amount of sleep, a busy schedule is enough to wear you out mentally and emotionally. Stress can also zap your energy and turn you off from sex. Unfortunately, stressors pop up in all aspects of our daily routines. Traffic, kids, clients, finances and everything in between slowly whittle away your energy reserves—and your desire for sex.


How to naturally increase your sex drive

Rest assured, you’re not alone in this! The female libido ebbs and flows for many different reasons. If tiredness is to blame, a variety of natural remedies have been shown to boost energy levels and rekindle a woman’s sex life.

Here are a few methods to try at home:

  • Get more sleep: We know—it’s easier said than done! But the only way to feel properly refreshed is by increasing your quantity and quality of sleep. Learn to say no to late-night drinks with coworkers or extra hours in the office. Set a consistent bed time and stick to it. Coffee and energy drinks simply put a bandage on the problem. Good sleep is the one true solution for low energy.
  • Reserve one hour for intimacy: Scheduled sex may sound like a chore, but it actually creates the opposite effect! Knowing sex is on the itinerary can build anticipation throughout the day. Plus, consistent attempts at intimacy can form a habit that reawakens your libido. Don’t feel pressured to have sex every single night. Start by cuddling in bed and see where the mood takes you.
  • Have sex when you feel like it: Most women have a specific time of day for when they’re in the mood. Not surprisingly, arousal peaks and plummets with your body’s natural energy patterns. Bedtime might be when you’re free, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the motivation to get frisky! Build your daily routine around your libido, not vice versa. Perhaps you and your partner have a window of time when all the kids are at their after-school activities. If not, call up the babysitter and plan a romantic night out.
  • Take a daily libido supplement: A libido supplement is packed with a powerful blend of herbs designed to enhance how the mind and body respond to sex. One small drop from a female libido tincture contains ingredients that have long been regarded in holistic medicine as effective libido boosters. Ingredients like epimedium leaf, tribulus seed and muira puama root are well-known aphrodisiacs. L-arginine and pine bark extract support blood flow to the genitals, which may result in heightened physical pleasure.
  • Fit in your daily B vitamins: The body needs a range of B vitamins in order to metabolize energy sources. People who can process nutrients at a healthy rate have more energy to make it through the day. As a result, supplements with a blend of B vitamins may increase stamina during sex. Thiamin, riboflavin and biotin are all sources of vitamin B that help the digestive system metabolize proteins and carbohydrates.

Your libido won’t return to normal overnight. Nutrition, sleep and lifestyle changes take time to work their magic. Also keep in mind that these natural approaches may not work for everyone. Maintain honest communication with your partner and be open to trying different techniques until you find one that effectively raises your sex drive.

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