Happier Life, Healthier Hair!

Some hair loss is normal, but people are often left wondering, “How much is too much?” During times of stress, you may notice a little extra hair in the shower drain. That’s because hair and happiness are closely tied to each other.

Stress can lead to excessive hair loss and an oily, flaky scalp. On the flip side, positive mental health will promote strong, luscious hair. Here’s how a sunny disposition can help your hair shine.

Happiness is key to healthy hair

You’ve probably heard that stress can make your hair fall out. This is no myth—people with heightened stress on a regular basis experience a higher rate of hair loss. Excessive stress over a long period of time will eventually cause hair follicles to go dormant. This means that once a strand falls out, the follicle doesn’t produce a new one to replace it. You may also notice strands get pulled out a lot more easily while brushing or washing your hair.

The hair might not fall out on its own. People who are regularly stressed may develop a hair-pulling habit. Similar to biting your nails, hair pulling is a tough habit to break and can happen almost without you realizing it. Some barely notice a difference in their hair, while others might develop bald patches. The amount of hair pulling depends on how stressed the person is.

Stress can wreak havoc on the scalp, too. Your scalp’s condition determines how healthy your strands will be. When you’re under extreme stress, the scalp produces more natural oils. Excess oil throws bacteria and microorganisms out of whack, making the scalp itchy and flaky. As a result, you’ll see more dandruff and greasiness on top of your head.

Your hair’s health directly reflects your overall happiness. It’s perfectly normal to have the occasional bad day, but keeping stress at a minimum is key for stronger, healthier hair. In some cases, prioritizing happiness can even reverse hair loss to help you regain those luscious locks. Remember, the follicles are typically just dormant—hair can always grow back!


Daily rituals for a less-stressed you

The path to happiness starts with small daily habits. Here are some ideas that can sprinkle moments of happiness throughout your day.

  • Learn to say no: You’ve got a lot on your plate. Piling on more responsibilities will only stress you out. Recognize your limits and learn when you should say no to people. Don’t feel obligated to sign up for that book club with friends when you just don’t have the time. Set firm boundaries at work, like clocking out at a reasonable time or maintaining a consistent workload. Putting your foot down is vital for your health (and your hair)!
  • Schedule me time: Self-care should be part of your daily routine as much as work and family obligations. Pick a time to unwind every day and let people know you’re unavailable during that time. You don’t need to explain why—when you make self-care a habit, people will learn to respect it.
  • Practice relaxation techniques: You’ve heard a million times that deep breathing helps banish stress. That’s because it really does work! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back for a minute and take some slow, deep breaths. Make time for calming activities, too. A quick 15-minute session of yoga, meditation or journaling can do wonders for your overall happiness.

Nutrition and hair care tips

Happiness plays a huge role in healthy hair, as does proper nutrition and hair care. Here are some general lifestyle tips you can incorporate to improve hair health right away.

  • Eat fatty acids and protein: Nutrients are key to healthy hair. Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, are essential for growing strong and shiny hair. Good sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fish, chia seeds, walnuts and soy beans. Lean protein is equally important because it’s the main building block for hair. Opt for healthy sources like chicken, turkey, eggs and soy.
  • Make showers hair-friendly: You can reduce strand breakage by adjusting your shower habits. Before hopping in the shower, brush your hair while it’s still dry. Wet hair is more prone to damage, so detangling it beforehand will leave you with fewer knots to deal with after showering. Avoid using ultra-hot water, since this can dry out your hair. A quick blast of cold water at the end will close cuticles and prevent strands from snapping.

Your hair is what you put into it. Nutrition, lifestyle choices and good mental health all work together to make or break healthy hair. If your strands are lacking, worry not—it’s never too late to strive for a head full of luscious locks!

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