Can Saw Palmetto Help Stop Your Hair Loss?

A brief perusal of hair loss websites will yield dozens of advertisements promising miracle cures for hair loss. It's no wonder that hair loss products are so popular: half of all women experience hair loss during their lives, with 65% of men experiencing hair loss by the age of 60, and 80% experiencing hair loss by the age of 80. If these self-styled miracle products really worked, we would presumably see a dramatic reduction in hair loss rates, but instead, it seems we are seeing more than ever before.

The truth is that hair loss is a complex issue. Though most forms of hair loss in both men and women result from hereditary pattern baldness, other factors also commonly play a role including medications, medical conditions, stress, hormonal imbalances and other causes. A number of products may help slow the rate of hair loss or address the factors that lead to such loss in the first place, but there are no miracle cures. Truly effective approaches require time, patience, and a willingness to accept the fact that you might not regrow all of your hair.

Though a number of prescription formulations can be effective, only about half of users see results. Before you shell out a massive chunk of change on costly prescription products, consider a low-cost natural alternative. Saw palmetto is showing promising results in research trials, and you won't find any inflated claims about its efficacy here.

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto extract is derived from the saw palmetto tree, a lush tropical plant. Its berries are high in fatty acids and phytosterols which research suggests can be effective at helping to manage prostate problems, including enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is a common condition in men as they get older.

Our organic saw palmetto extract can be used for minor prostate issues such as frequent urination, a common symptom of enlarged prostate, and may also be of benefit for those seeking to reduce hair loss.

How Does it Work?

Research into saw palmetto’s properties suggest that compounds known as phytosterols and fatty acids in its berries, inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is the culprit behind both male and female pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. DHT shrinks the size of hair follicles, resulting in thinner, more fragile hair. The hair breaks off more readily, and may eventually cease growing altogether. Notably, some popular prescription drugs for hair loss also limit DHT production, suggesting that saw palmetto may be a less expensive and more natural alternative.

How to Use It

We generally recommend 30 to 60 drops in water, twice daily, but if you're not getting the results you want or want to speed up the process, you can try 60 to 90 drops instead. These suggestions only apply to our product, as other manufacturers may use a different type or strength of saw palmetto extract.

Be patient. If you really want to regrow hair, you have to allow enough time for DHT production to be reduced, in order to stop the shrinking of your hair follicles, and for the hair  growth cycle to occur. You didn't lose your hair overnight, and it's not going to regrow overnight either. But with the right supplement, a commitment to good health, and a willingness to persevere, healthier hair is possible.

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