A happy mom with no hair loss

Helen loves being a mom, and having kids changed her life. She just did not expect that in addition to losing sleep to restless babies, she would also have to cope with hair loss.

“I have four children and with every pregnancy I lost more and more hair,” says mom, based in Webster, New York. “I checked with my doctors and tests were done, everything came back normal,” she remembers. “My hair is five feet long. I love my hair and hate to lose it.”

Helen was quite desperate, and over time she became fearful of using her comb as more and more hair was falling off. She was aware of NaturalWellbeing’s Hair Essentials, but was skeptical. “It took me some time to order this product,” she says. Helen thought hard about it. “Should I order it and give it a try or not? You never know if you don’t try it.

Finally, the cautious mom took a leap of faith and ordered the product to fight back against hair loss. She has now been using it for the last six months. In the beginning, she saw no results and her hair was just falling out as before.

With four kids around, Helen is always patient and persistent. So she stuck with the hair loss treatment, and her perseverance eventually paid off. She also switched to an organic shampoo, more gentle to the hair.

By the third month, she realized she had new hair growing. “It was a joy. Within several more weeks, I was able to brag to my husband,” says this happy mom.

“It is now up to my shoulders, it is great. My hair is getting fuller and new hair is still growing.” There is hope for other moms like Helen now who are also faced with hair loss. “Go for it,” she recommends.

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