Zinc Deficiency and Hair Loss?

One of our Fantastic Fans, Elizabeth, had some interesting questions for us about zinc and its significance with hair loss. She was also curious as to whether zinc was included in Hair Essentials as an “aromatase-inhibitor.”

Aromatase is an enzyme necessary for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Zinc is, as Elizabeth had noted, a natural aromatase-inhibitor (limits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen). Though aromatase inhibition is a desirable therapeutic outcome in certain conditions (such as estrogen+ breast and prostate cancers), zinc isn't used clinically for this purpose because the levels required would cause zinc toxicity in the body.

Zinc is included in Hair Essentials because it is an extremely important cofactor in hundreds of enzymatic pathways in the body, including regulation of cell repair and division. The hair follicles are rapidly dividing cells and thus have high zinc requirements. This important mineral is included in Hair Essentials to ensure that your follicles have the zinc they require for maintaining proper cell growth and division.

Zinc also plays a significant role in the production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is extremely important for cell metabolism throughout the body, including healthy growth and division of hair follicles.

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