Tips On How To Improve Your Muscle Building/Toning - Part 1

Start by developing a game plan on how to introduce or vary your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. This will confuse the muscles and help you continue to get the maximum benefit from your workout!

Add Some New Moves

Trying bringing new challenges into your workout. If you’re used to doing squats to target your buns and thighs, try some basic Pilates moves or lunges to switch it up.

Increase The Weight

If you are not using weights at all in your routine trying introducing something at the 2-5 pound level. Start small, you don’t want to over do it at the beginning. A great inexpensive way to add weight to your routine, and help the environment is to fill 2 empty water bottles with water, one for each hand. They are light-weight, easy to hold and will still make a difference.

Work Out To Music

Music has been proven to increase your endurance and make your workout more fun. Try making a track of your favorite songs/song that gets you feeling pumped up. With music in place it will help you get motivated. Let’s face it the hardest part of working out is getting started.

What's Your Best Work Out Song or Music??? Let us know...

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