The Secret to Living Years Longer?

The saying “An apple a day...” may have more to it than just keeping the doctor away!

Recent studies on fruit flies – OK, not exactly humans, but they do serve as stand-ins for us in hundreds of research projects every year – showed that antioxidants in apples extended the lifespan of fruit flies by a significant 10%!

These antioxidants, called polyphenols, not only prolonged the average lifespan of the fruit flies, but also helped preserve their agility – they were better able to climb, walk, and generally move about.

Apple polyphenols were also shown to reverse levels of certain markers of age-related deterioration in older fruit flies – so, in effect, slowing down and possibly even reversing the aging process!

These results support other similar studies, including one in which women who ate apples regularly had a 13% to 22% decrease in risk of heart disease.

With over 7500 types to choose from, you can have a different type every day for years - and add a few years while doing so!

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