Sweet Dreams - Coming Your Way!

Lack of deep, restful sleep, especially when it’s chronic, can have significant daytime consequences. It can interfere with our ability to concentrate, our decision-making skills and reaction times, and can make us more irritable(!) and susceptible to illness.

So What Can You do to Improve Sleep Quality?
Practicing “healthy sleep hygiene” can go a long way to helping insomnia:
• Stop caffeine consumption after 2 pm.
• Unplug from the TV or computer at least an hour (preferably more) before bed, to give your nervous system a break from constant stimulating input (and electromagnetic radiation).
• Have a relaxing bath scented with your favorite essential oils – lavender, neroli, or your own personal blend.
• Read an uplifting book before you turn out the light.
• Do a short meditation.

Nature’s Lullaby
For restorative support for insomnia, try Natural Sleeping Essentials. Our gentle, all-natural formula features time-honored herbs such as Chamomile and Valerian, renowned for helping to calm your mind and nervous system, and relax your body. It also contains sleep-supportive nutrients including melatonin, tryptophan and niacin that enhance the natural sleep cycle and help you stay asleep.

Natural Sleeping Essentials is also great for shift workers and jet lag!

Sweet Dreams!

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