Supplements as Self-Care: Natural Wellbeing on Ep. 66 of Sup, Babe? Podcast

Last week, our own clinical herbalist Paulina Nelega was a guest on episode 66 of the Sup, Babe? Podcast. With host Nicole Rose, she discussed the value of self-care, how and when to incorporate supplements into your lifestyle, and the process behind how we develop our supplements. Listen here to enjoy this enlightening, fun, and candid conversation. 

Nicole says it well: "We all grew up learning to take care of our exteriors like wear sunscreen, wash your face, use moisturizer; but what happened to working on our interiors?!" 

Learn more about:

  • Starting a supplement routine as close to your peak health phase
  • Researching what supplements are right for you
  • How supplements are created, tested & manufactured
  • Why supplements are an essential part of a well rounded self-care routine

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