Sometimes You Just Need a Little Relaxation!

We want to help you not just “make it through” the holiday season this year, but be relaxed enough to actually enjoy it!

Relax Gold is a natural herbal formula that combines the best of Mother Nature’s relaxing, calming herbs: Valerian, Kava, Passionflower, and Hops have long-been used to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote a better sleep. We also include Chamomile, Pulsatilla, and Lobelia for added support. It’s a blend that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts!

Because of its sedative effect, we recommend you only use Relax Gold in the evening, when you’re winding down for bed.

• Promotes a calm mood
• Helps soothe anxious nerves
• Encourages restful sleep
• Helps relax tense, painful muscles
• Supports a positive mindset
• Promotes a feeling of relaxation

To get cat nappin' faster, you can find out more here:

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