Show Yourself Love This Valentine's Day with These 6 Self-Care Tips

Valentine’s Day is all about the love. But whether you have a special someone to spend the day with or you plan to enjoy “Galentine’s Day” with friends, there’s one important person you shouldn’t forget to pamper: yourself!

The best kind of love you have to give is love for yourself. While external relationships can be fulfilling in their own ways, tending to your own needs and desires is extremely important. Self-care is one of the ways you can tap into your wellbeing and show yourself the love you deserve. By focusing some of your energy on recharging, caring for your health and nurturing your spirit, you can set yourself up for happiness that lasts far beyond Valentine’s Day itself.

Ready for some ultimate self-love this Valentine’s Day? Try out some of these tips!

1. Write yourself a love letter

Everyone can use some words of affirmation now and then, and they don’t have to come from another person. Give your self-esteem a boost and remind yourself of how great you are by writing a love letter to yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Tell yourself which attributes you appreciate most, what you’re proud of yourself for and which goals you know you’re going to crush in the future. By filling a letter with positive self-talk, you’ll have a chance to reflect on all the best parts of you.

2. Cook a delicious and nutritious meal

Valentine’s Day tends to be dominated by candy and sweet treats. While it’s perfectly okay to enjoy these in moderation, treat your body and brain to something even better. Cook your favorite recipe or find a new one that incorporates some exciting ingredients you’ve wanted to try. Make it balanced and nutrient-rich. This way, you’ll fuel your body with only the best to help you feel great.

While you cook, jam out to your favorite music or listen to a podcast on something you’re interested in. You should enjoy the process of cooking as much as dining on your delicious dish!

3. Host an at-home spa day

Nothing says self-care quite like a spa day. If you can’t make it to an actual spa, create one right at home and pamper yourself from head to toe. Pull together some of your favorite skincare products—whether store-bought or homemade—and layer on a face mask to nourish your skin and give you a youthful glow.

Run yourself a delectable bath, too! You can add simple ingredients like oatmeal, roses and Epsom salt to create a unique soaking experience that allows you to truly relax. Follow this up with a deeply moisturizing lotion for soft skin and any other pampering routines you prefer, from self-massage techniques to a scalp scrub.

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4. Look into libido boosters

Valentine’s Day tends to get people feeling in the mood. Sex is also an important part of healthy relationships and positive self-image. But if you’re one of many women who suffer from a low libido, you might be feeling more blue than red-hot.

Low libido is perfectly normal, though! It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you—it could just be a product of stress, mental health challenges, medications or aging. Fortunately, there are a ton of easy ways to give your sex drive a boost in time for the holiday of love.

Certain foods are aphrodisiacs that help with arousal and lubrication. Living a healthier lifestyle with exercise and great sleep helps, too. If you’re still feeling stuck, an herbal libido supplement can also kick your drive into gear and help you enjoy sex again.

5. Enjoy your favorites guilt-free

If you live a busy life, chances are that you don’t get a lot of time to indulge in your favorite activities. And, when you do, you might feel a twinge of guilt for enjoying yourself rather than doing household chores or being “productive.”

On your self-care holiday, dedicate some time to only doing your favorite activities—whether that’s going for a run, watching movies on the couch, reading a book, sketching or something else entirely. By devoting time to your hobbies guilt-free, you’ll remind yourself it’s actually beneficial to do what you love!

6. Get a good night’s sleep

To top off your Valentine’s Day full of self-love, try to head to bed early and get a full night of blissful sleep. Sleep deprivation can make life a lot more challenging. It can lead to stress and brain fog, irritability, health problems and much more.

Giving yourself time to sleep peacefully is one of the best gifts around! You’ll feel ultra-relaxed after pampering yourself all day and can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and renewed.

You deserve the best

There are lots of types of love to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, but self-love is by far the most important. Taking time to rest, recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit is essential to living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

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