Rosa for Rosacea

Rosacea - often mistakenly called adult acne, a different condition - is a chronic inflammatory condition of the small blood vessels of the face. These tiny capillaries enlarge and fill with blood, giving the skin a rosy appearance. They can eventually break, leaving permanent small, broken blood vessels (spider veins) across the cheeks and nose, primarily. Depending on the degree of blood vessel enlargement, there may even be a swollen appearance to the face, and cyst-like bumps.

It’s not exactly known what causes rosacea, though some possible considerations include a genetic predisposition, sensitivity to the sun, or an underlying infection. Triggers may include caffeine, alcohol, sun exposure, spicy foods, certain medications, and events that cause flushing such as nervousness, embarrassment, stress, or extremes of temperature. It occurs more frequently in women than in men, in lighter, fair-skinned individuals, and it usually begins between the ages of 30-50 years old.

Like the name of the condition itself, one of the best remedies for rosacea also begins with a ‘rosa’... Rosa mosqueta! The soothing and regenerative oil of Rosa mosqueta is pressed from the hips (fruits) of the high-mountain South American rose. Rosehip oil is remarkably effective for rosacea (and many other skin conditions), reducing redness and inflammation, rejuvenating damaged tissues, and helping to strengthen fragile capillaries. It’s even more effective when blended with powerful anti-inflammatory and rejuvenative essential oils such as Helichrysum, German Chamomile, Yarrow, Lavender, and Cypress. (And Rose floral water is an ideal toner – it’s soothing, refreshing, and nondrying!)

Rosehip oil is also great for dry or mature skin, burns, scars, age spots, and stretch marks!

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