Probiotics "for Life"

Probiotics literally means “for life.” They are the bacteria that live in your intestinal tract – all 3 to 5 pounds of them! They’re very important to our health as they help us to digest food and absorb nutrients, synthesize important vitamins, support the immune system (over 70% of our immune system is in the gut!), and ensure proper elimination of estrogen.

They also help to keep in-check other microorganisms like Candida (yeast), parasites, and other bacteria that can cause problems if they overgrow.

Even though we have literally billions of these microscopic little organisms inside of us, we may still not have enough. Or, they may not be in the proper proportions to one another.

Double-Strength Probiotic Complex™  is a blend of 4 types of bacteria and provides 4 billion organisms per capsule. Taken daily, it helps to replenish and maintain a healthy bacterial population, as each strain populates a specific part of the intestines and performs a unique function. Our gut contains over 400 different types of bacteria!

A daily probiotic supplement is good insurance to help ensure that your gut flora remains strong and healthy!

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