Oregano Oil – Medicine from the Mediterranean

The Oregano plant, in addition to adding its distinctive flavor to your favorite spaghetti sauce, provides us one of Nature’s most potent natural antibiotic essential oils.

Oregano essential oil has been shown to have the highest and broadest antifungal effect of a variety of essential oils including Thyme, Sage, and Tea Tree, as tested against 13 different types of fungus. The primary active constituent in Oregano oil that confers its powerful antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties, is called carvacrol. Oregano oil that contains a minimum of 70% carvacrol is preferred, to ensure potency.

Oregano oil is especially effective for fungal infections of the toenails. Many find it more effective than Tea Tree oil for this purpose, though sometimes a combination of both oils works best. For stubborn nail infections, apply diluted* Oregano oil topically to the affected area twice daily for several weeks, until the infection is cleared (can take up to 4 months). Consistent daily application is the key to its success!

*Because it is very strong and can burn or irritate the skin or membranes it comes in contact with, Oregano oil should never be used undiluted. It is commonly available already prediluted in olive oil, either in capsules or liquid.

Capsules may be taken internally to help boost the immune system and ward off infections, both respiratory and intestinal. They are very effective against candida including oral candida infection (thrush), vaginal yeast infections (do not insert the capsules vaginally; they are to be taken via the mouth only) and intestinal candida overgrowth.

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