One of Nature’s Best Herbal Aphrodisiacs...

According to folklore, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a traditional aphrodisiac of the peoples of Central America, where it grows in the hot climate of this region. It is still used today (worldwide) for supporting sexual desire and libido, as well as for more general sexual restorative purposes.

Damiana is considered to have a 'testosterogenic' quality, which is why it is often used for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction; however, it is also beneficial for women's sexual and reproductive health.

Its mild, stimulant action makes Damiana valuable for use with mild depression, anxiety, and nervous exhaustion. Other benefits of Damiana include its urinary antiseptic properties; in this regard, it is similar in action to Uva-ursi due to high amounts of arbutin. Arbutin has a strong antiseptic action directly in the urinary tubules of the kidneys.

Damiana also provides a gentle laxative action which is helpful in the treatment of constipation.

• Helps support libido (aphrodisiac-like quality)
• Promotes a sense of wellbeing and positive mood
• Promotes regular elimination
• Urinary antiseptic

Damiana: it's one of Nature’s best aphrodisiacs!

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