Obama To Block Private Health Insurance Rate Increases?

Look, I'm all about preventing ailments naturally, and holistically treating the heck out of any illness I may manifest. But just in case, just in case, I also pay into private insurance. At least I used to pay, until this year my insurance provider chose to up the premium rates by almost 39%. Like hundreds of thousands of Californians, I was so absolutely outraged that I cancelled my plan. Thanks, Anthem Blue Cross Insurance.

The reason for my provider's spike in rates? They cited soaring costs of medical care, and younger and healthier people (like me) dropping unaffordable plans. How ironic! Their customers are dropping their plans because they're too expensive, and so they up their premiums. Sick logic, no?
Ok, so aside from relying on my amazingly strong immune system, now what do I do as I (and my family) lie defenseless against potentially huge medical bills?
The fact of the matter is that I may never need to worry about huge medical bills, but I just can't afford my insurance premium. Especially if there's a chance that at any time, my rates could go up even more.
Enter stage left: President Obama! This Thursday, dear readers, our president has called for a televised summit. He will discuss, with both Democratic and Republican leaders, the proposal that federal government be given the power to block excessive rate increases.
Color me red, white and blue! This tickles me patriotic like nobody's business. Think about it: if for-profit insurance companies are blocked from raising their rates, perhaps government will then start looking into ways for health costs to come down. This would make sense, right? After all, government is in the business of helping businesses make money - and if health costs come down, perhaps more people can afford health care. More will feel secure in insuring their health, and insurance companies won't lose customers. Win-win, I think.
As far as I'm concerned, affordable health care and insurance is a necessity and not a luxury - it should be justly affordable for all.
Tune in Thursday, February 25th! Check your local listings for the half-day summit. And let's hope the results of this televised summit give us a sign of healthier things to come.
Love, Sage
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