Nutritious Nettles!

Nettles have traditionally been used primarily as a nutritive tonic to fortify the blood, either dried and drank as a tea, or the young shoots of springtime eaten freshly steamed - they're one of Nature's most nutritious, and delicious, "medicines"!

Nettles is also a natural diuretic and helps the body to rid itself of water by increasing urine output (this is the mechanism by which it functions as a 'blood cleanser'). Nettles can be considered with any condition that would benefit from increased water elimination, including high blood pressure, swollen ankles, urinary tract infections, retained water from airplane travel, humidity, or other reasons.

Nettles provides natural antihistamine support for seasonal allergies and rhinitis. It is best used preventatively, at the start of the allergy season. Though not as powerful as pharmaceutical antihistamine preparations, it also does not have the side effects of these medications.

Nettles is exceptionally high in trace minerals and is a great nutritive herb for all states of deficiency. It may be used as a blood tonic for anemia, for low vitality, for revitalizing the new mother after giving birth, and for supporting healthy breast milk production.

Now available Freeze-Dried! Freeze-drying preserves the herb at its peak of potency and optimizes its full spectrum of benefits.

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