Nursing Mother Milk Support

Nursing Your Baby

Breastfeeding not only promotes a deeply intimate and loving way to bond with your newborn, it also nourishes your infant with the perfect balance of nutrients and vital immune protection.

If breast milk supply is low, however, or there is difficulty in milk letdown, herbs known as galactagogues can improve production and encourage stronger, easier flow. These include herbs such as Blessed Thistle, Nettles, Goat's Rue, Shatavari, Fenugreek and Fennel, which have been safely used for thousands of years by nursing women for supporting lactation.

In addition to its unmatched benefits for the newborn, breastfeeding also provides important health benefits to the nursing mom: the suckling action of the baby stimulates the release of hormones which encourage return of the uterus to pre-pregnancy size, and also increase the mother’s metabolism, promoting a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Nursing Mother Milk Support from Natural Wellbeing is an herbal galactagogue formula that naturally supports lactation. To learn more or to order, please visit:


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