Non-toxic alternative to treating Kids' Head Lice and Super Lice

With the back to school season upon us, Huffington Post's current buzzing headline is "Super Lice have taken over the U.S." Many parents, teachers, and international schools are more concerned this year about super lice, and are on the lookout for treating Kids' Head lice. This is also becoming an increasing problem among Canadian kids as well.

Lice removal service just had its busiest summer yet in 2016, and is expected to pick up even more now that kids are back at school. Super lice are especially concerning, as they have become resistant to chemicals found in lice shampoos and even over-the-counter products created to get rid of them.

According to Lice Squad founder Dawn Mucci, “Lice will crawl from one head to the other. And we see it a lot in teenagers because they are putting their heads together for selfies,” Mucci told Global News, adding that “selfies, sharing brushes, pillows and headrests all pose a contraction risk.”

Head lice is a big problem and many parents are understandably concerned about using commercial preparations on their child's scalp, which often contain chemical insecticides or synthetic ingredients. These can cause skin irritation or other effects upon absorption into the system. Additionally, the fact that some school boards now no longer require kids with lice to go home has also added to the spread of the pesky bugs. So your kids' exposure to lice this year had a greater risk than ever before!

Fortunately, Natural Wellbeing has a natural solution, which is also easy-to-use and effective against both adult lice and their eggs.

Nature’s Lice Treatment Combo provides a non-toxic, natural 2-step treatment program that works synergistically to eradicate active head lice infestation and provide ongoing protection.

Featuring the powerful yet gentle pesticidal properties of Neem and other herbal extracts, botanical oils, and pure essential oils, Nature's Lice Treatment Combo duo includes:
  • Nature’s Lice Solution - works to eradicate active head lice infestation
  • Nature’s Repel Leave-in Spray - maintains ongoing protection

You can also use Nature's Repel Leave-in Spray whenever exposure to head lice is unavoidable or suspected, or anytime that additional protection is desired. (for preventative purposes)

Note: All of our products are plant-based and come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee, so your family has only to gain by giving this product a try to help prevent and treat head lice, without exposing your kids to any toxins.


Nature's Lice Solution: Shake well. Apply a generous amount of Nature’s Lice Solution into palm and massage entire scalp thoroughly. Distribute oil evenly from roots to ends, ensuring scalp is completely covered. Leave on for one hour and then shampoo out. Repeat once daily until active infestation is cleared.

Nature's Lice Repel Leave-in Spray: After hair has been treated with Nature's Lice Solution and then rinsed and combed out with a nit comb, apply Nature’s Lice Repel Leave-in Spray evenly throughout the hair and on scalp, to maintain protection between treatments.

The spray can be reapplied throughout the day to maintain optimal protection. Both products have a pleasant, natural aroma. 

Nature's Lice Solution Active Ingredients: 

  • Certified Organic Botanical Oils: Neem, Sesame, and Castor Oil
  • Essential Oils of: Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Oregano
Nature's Lice Repel Leave-in Spray Active Ingredients: 
  • Certified Organic Herbal Extracts: Neem, Lavender, Thyme, Aloe Vera
  • Essential Oils of: Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Oregano

To order Nature's Lice Treatment Combo, visit  – click here! 

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