New life and no hair loss

Patricia had a very intense retail sales job in her twenties, working different hours every day and never having the same days off. This stressful work lifestyle was very damaging to Patricia’s health in many ways.

“I had infections, I was constantly angry, and I did not get enough nutrition throughout the day,” she remembers.

Patricia eventually quit the job, but suffered health consequences for years. She had severe headaches and experienced hair loss. As a result she had to switch to part-time employment as she was no longer physically able to commit to a full-time job. Losing her hair felt like Patricia was losing herself.

“I no longer wore my hair up and have since tried to cover up the loss with longer bangs,” she says.

“I do miss wearing my hair up and more than that, I wanted to feel like myself again.”

Patricia did online research and found Hair Essentials. She read the online reviews and decided to try it out. After receiving the product at her home in Washington state, she immediately started using it, and after taking the pills for four months, Patricia was very impressed with the changes.

“I was extremely excited to begin to feel normal again”, she says.

In addition to taking the Hair Essentials treatment, Patricia also made some significant changes to her lifestyle. She now exercises every day and has committed to a healthy diet. But what made the real difference is Hair Essentials.

“I can say with excitement that I take these pills every day because they assist me in maintaining good health and I am able to be myself,” she reports.

Patricia has now been using this product on a daily basis for the last 18 months, and while her hair has not fully grown back yet, she is now starting to see regrowth. She just knew that the process would take time as her body went through so much. Patricia is now feeling so much better that she is now considering working full-time again.


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