My Review: Hair Essentials Are Essential!

It's in, and the results are: holy shizz it works! Just like my pal Debbie from Long Island, I too have been amazed by this product.

It's true that I am the natural wellness warrior for, and blog through the site. And it's true that if didn't exist, neither would this blog. Thanks, NWB.

But I am not a product pusher! I believe that in order to endorse a particular product, there has to be an honest-to-goodness reason why. And so I took it upon myself this past December to have a go at one of NWB's top selling products: Hair Essentials.

To begin with, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. The product page promised:

"The Ultimate Hair Growth Remedy - Works FAST

If you want thick new hair growth, Hair Essentials is the product for you.

  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Promotes shinier, thicker, faster-growing hair
  • Helps return your hair to its natural color
  • Works for men and women
  • Doctor-formulated

Order Hair Essentials today and grow healthy, thick, and shiny new hair. Guaranteed to work or your money back!"

Right. Well, that sounds like what I want to hear, and if you've been with me for a while you know that I have been dreaming of having bouncy baby-sitter hair since the birth of my first child.

Of course I had to try it! Suggested course: 3 months. I grabbed 3 bottles.

I began my first bottle (a one month supply, 3 caps per day) on my birthday, December 11th (see pic on left. Yes, that's me on my bday. Great lighting, don't you think?). After a few days I noticed that my skin was becoming clearer, and more even (hello, Milk Thistle! It was detoxing my liver, and ridding me of impurities.) Strange, I thought, I didn't know that this was a rather nice side-effect! Right on.

Very quickly I noticed that I must take with food, or the result was a sore tummy. Quickly remedied that little issue by taking all three caps with snack! Yum.

The month flew by, and I delved into my candida cleanse (oy). The pain of the cleanse didn't put me off including the hair supplements, and I think probably added to the cleansing (hello again, Milk Thistle). Around this time, I noticed that my nails were growing like crazy! Not only that, but I had little baby hairs poking out at my hair line, and (gasp) one lower on my forehead. I swear. Shhhhh.

January 11th found my hair, skin and even nails longer and harder. My roots seemed darker than my normal dark blonde, as if color had been deposited. So strange! I attributed all this to the Horsetail Extract, which contains silica. Silica is an amazing ingredient, which helps our body to absorb more calcium for healthy nails, skin, teeth and hair. I'll say!

So here we are, February 17th. I started my 3rd bottle on the 12th, but I was so excited about how long my hair was after just 2 months that I had to share the results early (see pic on right. Terrible lighting. I don't look that old. Seriously)! My hair is almost 2 inches longer! I am practically sitting on it right now!

I think you can tell that clearly, according to my experience, this product really does wonders. I have never endorsed a product like this in my life, and I am a devotee. Bouncing baby-sitter hair I finally have, and glossy mermaid hair HERE I COME! Pictures to follow, I promise.

Just call me Rapunzel!

Love, Sage

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