It's that time of year again! Many of us are looking for the perfect seasonal gift, and have no idea where to turn. Allow me to turn you on! For me, nothing tops a gift inspired to maintain our health and happiness. And so, I've created a gift guide to help inspire you, dear readers!

My Top Five Gifts For Her:

1. The Go-Go-Grrl: For the lady that never sleeps, a natural option to relax and rest the body. Natural Sleeping Essentials
2. The Teen Queen: She needs a treat that'll keep her feeling sweet!
Biolee Facial Treatment Mask
3. The Favorite Friend: She's the best, and deserves the most luxurious, hair growth formula! FAST Shampoo & Conditioner
4. The Social Butterfly: She's doing an awful lot of flitting around this season, so help her skip a grooming step to save time!
Epilady Duet
5. The Fitness Guru: For the sister on the run, even in the snow! A natural energy supplement.

My Top Five Gifts For Him:

1.The Outdoorsman: When he's done chopping that wood, give him a supplement that will help keep him chopping!
Wicked Willy
2. The Do Gooder: To keep him focused on his good deeds!
Concentration Essentials
3. The Sports Enthusiast: He's on the field or watching it - and either way, he needs a timeout. Joint Relief 2HD
4. The Chill Bill: Even when he's traveling, he's calm cool and collected - without the chills! Echinacea Goldenseal
5. The Sensitive Man: For when he wakes up and needs a little warm fuzzy! Help him keep his best face forward.
Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment

And finally: Nothing says happy holidays like... a Gift Card! Treat yourself to a natural, holiday-inspired gift of your choice with a $10 Gift Card! Just enter "HOLIDAY" into the coupon section when you check out. *Valid until January 2nd with a minimum $35 purchase. Code: HOLIDAY!

Happy shopping, Sage

Photo Credit: pagedooley

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