Migraines & Headaches - This Pretty Flower Can Help!

Feverfew, as its name indicates, can be used to help lower fevers, and it has been used since Roman times to induce menstruation . It has also long been used as a herb for arthritis and rheumatism, especially in combination with other herbs.

Feverfew is now used principally as a treatment for migraine, with clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness. It is thought that the “parthenolides” in Feverfew confer its beneficial effects; however, the exact nature of its action is not fully understood.

Interestingly, traditionally Feverfew’s main use was as a “woman’s herb.” In 1653, Nicholas Culpeper sang its praises in The English Physitian, saying that “... it doth the woman all the good she desire of a herb.”

You can easily grow Feverfew in your garden – it has very pretty, daisy-like flowers that bloom all summer long – and to help prevent migraines, simply eat 2-3 of the leaves daily. Or, if you prefer, it can be taken in capsules or as a liquid extract (tincture). It is best taken on a regular basis if you suffer from migraines, rather than taking it just at the outset of symptoms.

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