Medical Astrology

There are many different facets to holistic and natural health. One of the oldest is the belief that your astrological sign can help you determine which foods to eat and which body parts or organs to keep a watchful eye over.


People who are born under this sign should focus their attention on their knees more than any other body part. Capricorns are more susceptible to arthritis and stress, so you relax by watching a movie with popcorn for the antioxidant effects. Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are also necessary for Capricorns to consume in order to keep themselves healthy.


For most Aquarians their Achilles tendon is their weakest part of their body, with the lower part of their leg (from the knee down) being the next body part that is prone to injuries such as muscle spasms, ankle problems, and shin splints. Most of these can be avoided by eating magnesium and potassium rich foods like bananas and papayas. Also remembering to stretch properly before and after exercising can prevent muscle spasms from occurring.


The feet are the focal point of a Pisces person's health, and often become battered and bruised by tripping over things and generally not being too quick on their feet to begin with. To combat this make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and offer great support. Eating foods such shellfish and seafood will also do you good as they are filled with Omega-3.


Ironically, an Aries person is very much like the Ram in that they are constantly using their head. This over-thinking and over-analyzing can lead to headaches and migraines. It is best to remain as relaxed as possible at all times and not to allow the littlest of things to go to your head. Aries is also ruled by the color red and is therefore a fire sign, as such eating tomatoes and peppers will help to keep headaches at bay whilst keeping the body healthy.


This astrological sign rules over the throat and Taurus people are prone to sore throats and loss of their voices. Drinking lots of water daily can help prevent a sore throat, but if it does occur then drinking lots of Vitamin C will help.


Gemini's can succumb to both muscle pains and have lung issues, like asthma or other respiratory problems. Consuming fruits and vegetables that contain beta-carotene, such as carrots and squash, can be most beneficial to support the lungs. As for muscle pains, these are usually caused by a Gemini person stressing too much. Learn to relax and the pain will ease off.


Digestive issues and problems with the esophagus are common causes of concern for Cancer people. Eating plenty of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can help keep your digestive system running smoothly. Avoid caffeine as it can wreak havoc on your digestive system.


Make sure that you take extra precautionary measures and insist on having regular heart scans and blood pressure tests because the heart falls under the ruling of Leo. As with the other astrological signs, avoiding stress is best way to stay healthy, along with a regular exercise regime. Eating antioxidant rich foods, such as grapes, can also help keep your heart strong.


Virgo's should make sure that they eat a wide variety of grains and plenty of them too! Since Virgo's can also have issues with their digestive tract, eating wheat and fiber on a daily basis can benefit them greatly.


Most Libra's like to do physical labor and will often complain of a back ache as a result. Holistic therapies such as chiropractic services, massage and acupuncture can help ease the pain. Eating plenty of berries will help reduce inflammation as well.


The good news is that eating dark chocolate is very valuable to a Scorpio. The bad news is that Scorpio's usually suffer from irregular bowel movements which can lead to weight loss, low energy, constipation and other intestinal issues. However, this can easily be remedied by eating plenty of fiber rich foods.


Sagittarians love to be always on the go and do not like being still for too long; because of this they usually have very well defined muscles, especially their hamstrings. The problem, however, is that these muscles can sometimes be too tight and a muscle injury can occur. This can be prevented by having regular massages to help the blood to circulate properly around the body. The best food to eat for a Sagittarian is an olive. Olives are full of antioxidants and promote the absorption of good fats within the body.

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