Recently we looked at toxic chemicals used in fast-food wrappers, and how they end up entering into our body. These chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors – they disrupt our hormonal systems, and can have especially harmful effects upon the delicate systems of the developing fetus and newborn.

Another source of endocrine disruptors can be found in the makeup products that women apply everyday, such as foundation and moisturizers. Many of these contain UV-blockers which, once absorbed, pass from the blood stream and concentrate in the breast milk. Human breast milk has been found to contain a large range of UV filters (sunscreens). Where did they come from? Cosmetics.

Cosmetic sunscreens were present in 85% of milk samples from 54 mother/child pairs, monitored over 3 years. There was a significant correlation between the use of products containing sunscreens, and their presence in breastmilk. Other chemicals were also present in the infants’ blood: some had PCBs and organochlor-pesticides that were above the US EPA daily limits.

Along with a healthy environment while in the womb, a mother's breastmilk is the ultimate nourishment for her baby. You can help keep your breastmilk healthy by avoiding sources of chemicals, especially those that are endocrine disruptors, including cosmetics that have an SPF ingredient.

Unprotected exposure to the sun is necessary for us to form Vit D (actually a hormone), so like most things, moderation is key!

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