Maintaining Balance During the Holidays (and Onwards!)

With the holidays in full swing, most of could use a little extra help in maintaining balance - now more than ever!

Get that extra help with Anxiety & Stress Essentials™, a naturally supportive blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to help calm the nervous system, promote a relaxed state of mind, and relax tense muscles.

Anxiety & Stress Essentials™ helps to:

• Nourish and strengthen the nervous system
• Calm the mind and promote relaxation
• Support a positive mood
• Encourage a restful, refreshing sleep

Anxiety & Stress Essentials™ also contains L-theanine, a unique amino acid from Green tea that specifically increases those brain waves associated with a state of calm, relaxed alertness.

So stay balanced through the holidays, with Anxiety & Stress Essentials™!

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