Lovely Lavender

For many, Lavender is the fragrance that comes to mind at the mention of aromatherapy. With good reason: Of the thousands of essential oils in nature to choose from, Lavender is by far the most popular. And within the ‘field of Lavender’ itself, there are several dozen different types of Lavandula species to choose from! Its lovely, lavender-colored flowers yield one of the most beloved of fragrances of all time.

Along with its calming and relaxing aroma, Lavender is also highly regarded for its powerful skin-regenerative properties. It’s one of the best essential oils to keep handy in your kitchen for burns; it goes to work right away to soothe the affected area and begin the healing process.

Adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil to your moisturizer, especially if you make your own, will help repair and rejuvenate skin cells and diminish fine lines on the face.

Lavender is particularly excellent against many types of fungus, including Candida. A recent study showed that Lavender essential oil was highly effective against antifungal-resistant infections. This is good news, given the increased drug-resistance of not only bacteria, but also fungi, as well as the increasing incidence of fungal diseases overall. It destroys fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane.

So whether you enjoy its soothing fragrance added to your bath, or a little sachet tucked under your pillow, let Lavender lift your spirit and calm your mind!

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