Introducing Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox®: A Powerful Herbal Blend for Confidence and Control

The newest addition to our Life Transitions™ lineup, Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox® offers a patented blend of herbs clinically proven to help you regain control! With the addition of cornsilk, this formula offers soothing action on irritated urinary tract tissues and helps relax an overactive bladder.

This powerful supplement is designed to help:

  • Promote normal bladder control
  • Discourage leakage
  • Calm urinary urgency
  • Normalize urinary frequency
  • Maintain healthy bladder tone

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Does simply getting up or sitting down, coughing, laughing or sneezing cause you to experience loss of bladder control? When it comes to accidental leakage, your confidence can really take a hit. Reclaim your cool and comfort with the clinically proven bladder support found in this all-natural supplement.

From postpartum-related physical and hormonal shifts to the challenges experienced during menopause, there are many times throughout a woman’s life when we can find it difficult to maintain bladder control and avoid urinary leakage. Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox® offers the holistic support you need to take back control, naturally.

Experience Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox® for yourself and reclaim your confidence today.

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