How to Easily Give the Gift of Great Hair to a Friend

Some friends are really hard to find gifts for during the holiday season. Some people might have eclectic tastes, while others seem to have everything they could want. But one versatile gift idea a lot of people don’t think about is giving the gift of health and beauty!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a close friend, consider giving them the gift of great hair! It’s a lot easier than you’d think.

Give supplements for inside-out beauty

One of the easiest and best ways to give the gift of great hair is not through hair care products like shampoos and styling tools—it’s through hair-healthy supplements! Supplements make great gifts because they’re natural, effective and safe for many different types of hair, unlike specific products.

Additionally, supplements help much more than hair. They also have the power to improve health and wellbeing, all while making your friend’s hair look and feel fantastic. By giving the gift of supplements, you are not only showing your friend that you want them to look their best, but also that you want them to feel their best.

Top hair supplement gift ideas

There are a lot of hair supplements on the market, but a specific few have known benefits and are more likely to be successful across a wide range of people with different hair types. If you’re considering giving the gift of supplements this holiday season, look into these:

  • Biotin: Biotin has earned its reputation as the beauty vitamin for a reason. The water-soluble B vitamin is known for improving the look, feel and strength of the hair, skin and nails, making it a top choice for a supplement gift. The vitamin may also help combat hair thinning and loss, as well as offer a host of other benefits throughout the body.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo silica is another fantastic hair supplement choice. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral that helps maintain the connective tissue within the body by aiding in collagen repair. The mineral is particularly useful for people with fine, brittle hair and nails, helping to make them much stronger and more beautiful.
  • Fo-Ti Root: For older friends, Fo-ti root might be a useful hair supplement. The formula is derived from an herb that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of health applications, including improving energy and vitality, reducing pain and aiding in fertility. In the beauty world, Fo-ti root also has a few uses, including potentially prolonging the natural hair color and increasing the hair growth rate. If your friend has expressed disappointment with graying or thinning hair, this may be the perfect natural solution!

Other ways to share the gift of great hair

Supplements are a great gift choice because they are natural, safe, effective and easy to use. They nourish the hair from within, promoting better health alongside more beautiful appearances.

However, if you’re looking for additional ways to share the gift of great hair with your friends, consider creating a gift basket with supplements and a few other items!

  • Natural shampoo and conditioner: A lot of hair care products on the market today include parabens, sulfates and other ingredients that aren’t the healthiest for our hair. Along with supplements that will nourish your friend’s hair from the inside out, you can give the gift of natural, organic products that will keep their hair strong and healthy, without weighing it down by harmful ingredients. A natural shampoo and conditioner set is a great place to start.
  • Hair accessories: Once your friend’s hair looks even better than before, they’ll want to show it off to the world, so add in a few cute hair accessories that won’t damage their ‘do. Scarves, hair clips, headbands and other accessories that fit their style will give them lots of options for showcasing their gorgeous locks.
  • Styling gift certificate: If your friend is looking to change up their look or enjoys coloring their hair, a gift certificate to a professional hair stylist is a great choice. Not only will this be the ultimate pampering gift, but it will also ensure that your friend takes good care of their hair while cutting, styling or coloring it, rather than doing it all at home and potentially damaging it.

Giving your friends the gift of great hair goes far beyond appearances. Supplements, natural hair products and accessories all tie into your friend’s self-care and self-esteem, so they can look and feel their best all the time.

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