Holiday Detox Recovery Tips!

Hello all,

After a hectic holiday season, most of us are thrilled to get back to the grind! And many of us are feeling a little worse for wear, even in the week following New Year's Eve (I know I am, which is why I'm on this hideously intense cleanse. See my post from yesterday. RRRRRRRRR!).

In my humble opinion (humble pie! How I love to eat pie! Sorry, that's the sugar talking), everyone benefits from a seasonal detox, and the New Year is the perfect time to do it. Hardcore cleansing aside (and a pain in my side), gently removing toxins can be simple, and smooth. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

- Juice! Have a glass of green juice everyday - try parsley, spinach, apple and celery (my fave), and reap the benefits of added nutrition and purification. Juicing with greens helps to cleanse the liver of impurities, draws toxins from our bodies, and regenerates us with vital nutrients. It's simple, fast, and enjoyable!

- All those holiday treats can actually leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. A sensitive being like me doesn't do well with overly fatty, acidic, sugary foods, which often triggers acid reflux (indigestion, heart burn and the like). Acid Reflux Essentials cools and reduces the sensations, so I feel better - and helps to restore my digestive tract to its balanced state.

- Aren't the holiday's supposed to be relaxing? I myself can't be leisurely during festivities - instead, I find my anxiety cranked up a few notches. Stress = cold sores, for many of us. Trilex helps my liver to remove toxins that can provoke a viral outbreak - it starts working right away, and I feel it tingling. Cleanse the liver! Bring it!

- Sleepless nights can wreak havoc with our immune systems, and hormone balance. When the holiday madness ends and I settle back into my routine, I often have trouble sleeping! When we sleep, we help our bodies to rejuvinate. A sleep aid like Natural Sleeping Essentials helps those of us returning from holidays (jet lag) and recovering from them (in-law-lag).

- Speaking of hormone imbalances, when my hormones start swinging my skin starts complaining. Oh how my skin reacts! To draw out impurities and restore my skin to its natural luster, I love Biolee Facial Treatment Mask, which deeply exfoliates, cleanses and soothes my skin.

Normalizing after the holidays is so important for us - on so many levels. I invite you to kick off the Re-New Year with a purified, restored you! What a great way to begin 2010.

Love, Sage

PS Day 4. I want to rip my skin off. I'm just saying.

Photo Credit: naturalmom

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