Hibiscus for Natural Health & Beauty

Renowned for their colorful tropical beauty, Hibiscus flowers also impart skin-softening properties when ground into a fine powder and mixed with a little water to make a paste.

The paste is applied onto the skin and can also be used as a “shampoo.” In India, the flowers are included in medicated hair oil preparations for preventing hair loss and graying.

Hibiscus flowers have also traditionally been used to help reduce fever and provide a mild diuretic and laxative effect.Dried Hibiscus flowers impart a lovely ruby color to any herbal tea blend and add a refreshing tartness that tastes great with mint leaves. Plus, a recent study has shown that drinking Hibiscus tea may also help to lower blood pressure! (the study participants drank 3 cups a day)

Hibiscus - helps keep you healthy and beautiful, naturally!

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