Hey Obama: I'm Reforming My Own Health Care Bill, Naturally!

Dear President Obama,

I'm reforming my own healthcare bill. After careful review, I have decided that paying into private insurance companies and potentially spending a fortune on medical bills as I age, makes me feel scarily out of control. I am convinced that the best insurance policy I can invest in is my own body: keeping it healthy, strong and beautiful will keep me out of the doctor's office better than anything else. I will save money, and have the glorious health to enjoy doing fabulous things with it!

From this day forward, I am going to wake up every morning (after my 9.5 hours of sleep) and detoxify my body with a glass of citrus-infused pure water. This will help restore my body to it's neutral PH state, reducing the acidic environment where illness loves to thrive.

It's time I got to know myself a little better. I will engage in a deep-breathing exercise and gentle meditation, to start my day stress-free and in positive mindset.

For breakfast I will feast on meuseli (raw oats, nuts and seeds) with soy milk and fruits, to give my body fiber, protein and energy. I will drink green tea to increase my antioxidant intake (after my coffee though, sir. Protocol!).

I will attempt (I'll do my best here, late nights/weather pending) cardiovascular exercise, working my heart and lungs to significantly lower my risk of developing heart disease and all other illnesses.

I will dry brush my skin in circular motions, ridding myself of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin.

In the shower I will perform a breast self-exam, familiarizing myself with my best parts and managing any changes. If I'm in the mood, I may enagage in a partner exam (they say love is the best preventative medicine, right?).

After, I will massage an organic, naturally based body lotion into my body, which will help increase my blood circulation to deliver oxygen to every part of my body. Using non-toxic personal care products will also limit my exposure to potentially cancer-causing chemicals, which I absorb through my skin (up to 80%!).

I will undertake my daily work, organizing my schedule so that I am able to accomplish goals and deadlines. This will satisfy my desire for success, and contribute to my positive piece of mind. If I am unable to manage my deadlines, I will not stress myself out. I will have meditated this morning, and reminding myself of this will return me to my calm, centered state. A dose of Concentration Essentials will help me, too.

I will fuel myself with 5 small meals throughout the day, to keep my blood-sugar at consistent levels. This will help keep my hormones balanced, too.

Every day, I will try to do something I have never done before. After all sir, variety is the spice of life (and everyone knows that spices are potent sources of anti-oxidants, which scavenge free-radicals that cause premature aging).

Every day I will laugh my perky (yes it is, thanks to my fitness partner Buster) butt off. Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect me against a heart attack, according to a recent study by cardiologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

And everyday I will find a way to love myself, since without doing this I can't imagine having the capacity to love others (and as we all know, love is all we need!).

So thank you, President Obama, for giving me the opportunity to reform my own health care bill. Taking it into my own hands - and body - is the best bill I've passed so far!

Love, Sage

Photo Credit: deed.en_CA

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