Herpes Happens

Cold sores and genital blisters are infectious conditions caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). While cold sores on the mouth are usually associated with the type 1 strain of the virus (HSV1), they can occasionally be caused by type 2 (HSV2). The type 2 strain is typically associated with genital herpes, but both types can actually cause infection in either location.

The virus presents itself as painful blisters containing infectious virus particles. The first outbreak is usually the worst and can last for weeks. The virus will then usually go into remission but may be reactivated by illness, stress, or exhaustion. Subsequent outbreaks tend to be milder in nature and, as years pass, they often become less frequent.

What is Trilex™ & how does it work?

Trilex™ is a fast, effective, all-natural remedy for cold sores and blisters caused by HSV. It is a powerful and proven combination of herbs and natural ingredients designed to help strengthen the immune system (making you less susceptible to outbreaks) and decrease viral replication. Trilex™ also aids the body in eliminating the toxic byproducts of infection that can further weaken the system.

Trilex™ is among our most popular products, for good reason: it works!

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