Health Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been touted as a great alternative health remedy for almost any ailment; but did you know that you self-hypnosis works just as well?

Generally speaking, hypnosis is merely a state of mind in which an extreme concentration of attention exists that helps to open up a person's mind to specific suggestions and thought forms. During a hypnotic state of mind, suggestions can be given to a person that pertains to a specifically desired outcome. Once the suggestion is given, the mind then reprograms itself to focus toward the goal of the suggestion.

Hypnosis works by manipulating the subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that sends signals when you are in a primitive state. Things such as the fight or flight instinct when in danger are derived from the subconscious, based on experiences from your past.

Hypnosis has been used for years now as a treatment for a host of behavioral modifications. "Stop Smoking with Hypnosis" is a slogan that has been marketed for years, and obesity and overeating are now on the treatment list of hypnosis.

Hypnosis works by changing the "internal script" that causes current behavior. This is done by going into a state of deep relaxation. Once there, your mind will be open to suggestion. This is the point when you fuel your mind with the positive thoughts.

Most people succumb to such self-devastating acts as binge eating and smoking because of what they think, feel and believe. People who are aware of this can consciously change their thought patterns via subconsciously hypnotizing themselves. Simply put, self-hypnosis is a very successful tool to use to change thought patterns that have been formed during the entire course of a person’s life and are, therefore, difficult to change or get rid of by just using their ordinary conscious mind alone. Since you reach an entirely different state of mind during self-hypnosis, your mind is more readily able to accept any changes to your thought patterns that you suggest. Overall, self-hypnosis can help a person bring into existence new ideas about how they would like their life to be. Keep in mind, however, that self-hypnosis cannot force anyone to accept anything that they truly do not want to do.

Using self hypnosis will teach you mind control over your own thoughts. Use this as a spring board to increase your motivation to accomplish goals, enhance your sexual performance, increase physical well-being, or even to get into a better mental state.

Starting self-hypnosis is as easy as learning how to relax. Once fully relaxed, you will then be able to get yourself into a state of readiness. Many people prefer self-hypnosis since the issues being dealt with are personal and do not want to approach a Clinical Hypnotherapist for help. The individual can feel more relaxed and confident as they are completely in control during a self-hypnosis session at home.

How do you do this? There are hypnosis scripts. There are some that are free, whilst others charge for the use of their hypnosis scripts. Available online for downloading, in a book or through CD's and tapes, a person will need to become comfortable with the proposed script. One of the easiest scripts to follow is a simple mantra that you can repeat to yourself whenever you are in a peaceful state of being. Start by slowly relaxing every muscle in your body and, as you reach your point of relaxation, keep repeating the message to yourself that "I am (FILL IN THE BLANK)" until you begin to wake back up again.

Much like meditation, self hypnosis can help with a whole host of health disorders. Stress and anxiety, which lead to heart problems and high blood pressure, are the most commonly treated ailments. Learning to quit smoking though hypnosis has obvious health benefits and even obesity will benefit the person far more than self esteem!

While hypnosis may not be the magic pill you have been looking for, it is at the very least extremely relaxing. You must be willing and open to the idea of suggesting things to your mind for it to work. Just remember that using self-hypnosis, in conjunction with the care of a medical doctor who is monitoring your health, will help in reaping the most rewards.

Self Hypnosis can be a fantastic addition to any mental or physical treatment program, and you might even find that it is the final touch to finally get your health program jump-started.

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