Headache? Head-Aid!

Sinus headaches, allergy-induced headaches, food or drink overindulgence, PMS headaches, tension headaches… throbbing and dull ache, sharp or stabbing pain, or pressure-band, vice-grip. Head-Aid is effective for all types.

Plant extracts have long been used for alleviating headaches, pains and fevers, with White Willow bark and Meadowsweet being two herbs of great renown in this regard. They both contain salicin, a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, or Aspirin) was eventually synthesized from a salicin extract of White Willow bark. Aspirin actually derives its name from the old botanical name for Meadowsweet - Spiraea (notice how close it looks to the word, Aspirin).

Head-Aid contains both White Willow bark and Meadowsweet for their natural salicin content. It also contains Feverfew, which is especially helpful for migraines, and Ginger to help promote circulation and decrease platelet-stickiness (which can be a cause of headaches). Pulsatilla, traditionally used for pain relief, especially the pain of neuralgia (nerve-related pain), rounds out this formula.

If you suffer from migraines, take Head-Aid at the first sign of an impending migraine - best taken hourly, before intense pain begins.

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