Having a Hard Time Unwinding? Relax! With Relax Gold™

Relax Gold™ is a natural herbal formula that provides a gentle, sedating action which may be helpful for insomnia, anxiety, emotional and mental stress, hyperactivity, jet lag, or anytime that calming support may be helpful.

Relax Gold™ is also excellent for general pain management such as following surgery, injuries, menstrual cramps, pain from passing a stone (kidney or gall bladder), gas, and headaches.

How does Relax Gold™ work?

Relax Gold’s natural sedating action is primarily due to its Valerian and Hops, which calm the central nervous system and naturally 'sedate' (slow down) the mind and body.

Kava provides a relaxant action specifically upon skeletal muscle, and has also been shown to provide effective anxiety support; Lobelia and Pulsatilla, by their effect upon the parasympathetic (‘relaxing’) branch of the central nervous system, relax the smooth muscle throughout the body (such as in blood vessel walls) and also help to reduce adrenaline and its effects, thereby inducing a more relaxed state.

Relax Gold™ may make one feel less cognitive and perhaps even groggy; for these reasons, Relax Gold™ is best used in the evening, when there is less need to be physically active or mentally focused. For help with managing daytime pain and anxiety, without grogginess, consider Kava Gold, instead.

Relax Gold™ may also provide support when attempting to come off of addictive substances including alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, or other substances that make one irritable and where short-term sedation in the acute recovery phase may be desirable.

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