Has Your "Thinking Cap" Been on Too Tight?

If your mind seems to be racing a million miles a minute or you’re having nonstop, circular or repetitive thoughts, herbal relaxants such as Skullcap can help ease that too-tight thinking cap.

Its gentle, sedative action helps to calm the nervous system and relax the entire body. It’s especially useful when mental stress is causing physical tension in the body, making it difficult to sleep.

Named for the two ‘lips’ of its flowers that resemble the skullcap worn by warriors of medieval times, Skullcap is used in a wide range of nervous system conditions including anxiety, headaches, neuralgia (nerve pain), epilepsy, Parkinson disease, and ADD/ADHD. It has also been used to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms such as from prescription sedatives/tranquilizers, or with delirium tremens.

Historically, Skullcap was known as “mad dog” for its use in treating the spasmed, twitching muscles of rabies infection transmitted by the bite of a “mad” (rabid) dog.

One of Skullcap’s most useful applications is for insomnia. It gently helps to induce sleep without any heavy, sedating action or next-day grogginess.

• Encourages a calm and peaceful mood
• Helps calm anxious nerves
• Promotes a feeling of relaxation
• Gently encourages restful sleep

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