Happy Birthday Scorpio!

I prophesize that this is going to be your most focused year, yet! How do I know? Because you're coming into your own self-awareness (which is always a great thing), identifying your passionate strengths and your distracting weaknesses - the ultimate in total self-control. And what Scorpio doesn't want to control EVERYTHING?

Start by recognizing your need to over-do things - and I mean compulsively! You tend to be a little obsessive (good thing you have 8 arms/legs - AND 2 pincers!), which stresses you to the max (read: upsets your tummy, and everything linked to it). Your deep desire to reign supreme makes you want to be everywhere, all at once - you're famously all or nothing!

Want to know what that stinger on the end of your tail is for? You got it - after running yourself ragged, your next step is to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and commit social hari-kari (the metaphorical self-sting). Withdrawn and down, that red hot you turns blue.

This year marks great changes ahead, which will have you wanting to crawl off in a million directions (as per usual). Make it easy to accomplish all your goals, with a birthday present that will help you regain your focus, concentration, and reduce your tension associated with burning the candle at both ends: Concentration Essentials. And it's safe even for those mini-Scorps.

It's your year to rule your world!

Love, Sage

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