Happy Birthday, Pisces!

You Pisces peeps tend to float along with the current of life, and don't like to upset the boat. I don't blame you - this world's confrontational enough for you sensitive creatures! And this year has been pushing you to the limits of your shores, so to speak. Dearest Pisces, if this year has had you feeling like you've been swimming up stream then I bring you good news: you're about to feel the love!

All Pisces great and small are deeply poetic about love - romantic and platonic. In fact, many a Pisces I know work tirelessly to generate a loving, peaceful world. This dedication requires careful balance, and the ability to cross bridges over troubled waters. But for Pisces to help bring love to our planet, you need to keep your own heart strong! Keep the love flowing, with an herbal formula like Viatri designed to maintain a healthy heart.
With the drive to make a difference in the world, the Pisces battery tends to run dry quickly. This makes Pisces easy prey for stress, and lowered immunity. Keep on swimming, by staying active and looking after your heart health!
Have a look at your own reflection, Pisces. Remember that the world around you is but a representation of yourself, and enjoy life! You'll make your own waters - and this planet - a great place to be. Happy Birthday!
Love, Sage

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