Happy Birthday Aquarius!

You, Aquarius, are among some of the most creative people on the planet! Your love of technology, invention and freedom keeps you aiming for the stars. Of course: you are the free-flowing airy-fairy sign, determined to keep that creative energy flowing!

Your greatest fear is being bored - not being boring, which of course you never are - so you`re contstantly on the moving and shaking. You can at times seem scattered and chaotic, but you, amidst your sparklingly eccentric projects, are in your element. You love your fingers in many spaced-out pies! This keeps you going, going... and hopefully, not going to bed with a cold.
With all this inventive energy, it`s easy for you to run yourself ragged. Keeping all of those ideas burning up in your well-tempered mind, means it`s easy for your immune system to burn up, too! Keep your immune system strong, with Cold and Flu Essentials - perfect for the Aquarian on the go-go-go!
This year, keep your mind going but give your body a break - so you can keep making your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!
Love, Sage

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