Hair Essentials Partners with HelpMe2Stop to Raise Awareness about Trichotillomania

Hair Essentials from Natural Wellbeing has partnered with HelpMe2Stop (, a non-profit dedicated to providing recovery assistance to those suffering from trichotillomania. Known simply as ‘trich’, this is a hair pulling disorder that affects 1 out of 50 people. Oftentimes, trich can be overcome by building self-confidence and seeing improvement in one’s appearance.

“Trich can affect people at any age, gender and ethnicity,” said Charlene Blacer, founder of HelpMe2Stop. “Millions of people are affected by trich; nearly 90 percent of reported cases are women."

For those who have controlled or conquered their urge to pull, a healthy diet along with vital hair-healthy nutrients in Hair Essentials can help the hair regrowth process significantly.


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