Get Cooking! Nourishing Congee

For a change to your regular breakfast routine, you may want to give congee a try, a traditional breakfast dish eaten throughout China. Congee is easy to make and consists of rice cooked for a long time in a lot of water.

To make a potful, add 1 cup of rice to about 10 - 12 cups of water. Simmer on low heat in a covered pot for at least five hours. A crock pot is ideal: Add ingredients before bed and cook on low all night long, and in the morning you have a warm, healthy breakfast porridge, ready to eat.

For a nutrient-dense meal that will aid in maintaining energy levels through the day, you can cook the congee with organic broth instead of water, and add vegetables, nettles, etc!

Congee is easy to digest and tonifies the blood and qi. It is also very appropriate for nursing mothers, or anyone looking for a healthy way to start the day!

Thank you to Ben Brown, R.Ac, for sharing this delicious info!

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