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Dear readers, it's a new year with new stories to tell.

Something struck me in particular this cold and flu season, which was the intense media coverage of the dreaded swine flu! It seemed like everywhere we turned, unless we vaccinated and basically sequestered ourselves away, doom was imminent. I've recommended boosting our own immunity naturally (in addition to washing hands tons), with supplements designed to maintain a strong immune system.
This month we heard from Samantha, who had first-hand experienced exposure to the swine flu. She writes how she stayed healthy on a steady supply of Cold and Flu Essentials!

Samantha writes,

"I first started taking Cold and Flu Essentials when my boss came down with a very mild case of the Swine Flu earlier this year. I took the recommended dosage, and was able to avoid getting sick from her. I am someone that doesn't believe in vaccinations for viruses, so Cold and Flu Essentials was a key element in keeping me healthy.

As well, just after Christmas this year, I ended up getting a minor flu from my step daughter. Normally a flu for me turns into a nasty cold that lasts up to two weeks. Since I had already been taking Cold and Flu Essentials, I can feel my body fighting it off and the symptoms (although annoying) are less severe then they would normally be.

As a skeptic, at first I was hesitant to try this product, but after seeing the results I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an immune system boost, or who wants to get over a cold/flu virus quicker then normal."

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Congratulations, Samantha! And happy shopping!

Love, Sage

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